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What product should I use?

There are many forms of CBD products available, below is a list of the types we offer here at Canna Comfort Care, as time goes and demand dictates, we will be offer additional CBD after-products and will keep you informed as to their uses and antidotal efficacy:

  •  99+% CBD ISOLATE

Isolate is also one of the strongest and most concentrated forms of CBD, Isolate is CBD only, no other cannabinoids, fats or lipids are present. Our Isolate is in powder form is activated and ready to use, as with any concentrate you may take orally, in foods and beverages, mix in salves and lotions or vape/dab. Each gram of Isolate equals 99.9mg of CBD which make it very easy to measure individual dosing.

  •   CBD Tinctures (in MCT or Hempseed Oil)

Our tinctures are concentrated CBD mixed in either hempseed oil or MCT (coconut)Oil which makes for an infused oil that can be easily  measured and taken either sublingually (drops under tongue) or mixed in foods. Tinctures are by far the most popular means of consumption. Tinctures are a great way to introduce CBD into your daily regime as one can start dosing low and increase the dosage until one finds the amount that works for them. We often suggest starting with our 600mg tinctures (0.5mg per drop) . We have full spectrum or Isolate only tinctures.

  •   CBD Gel-Tabs


Our CBD Gel-Tabs are the most discrete and convenient means of taking daily CBD internally. The gel-tabs are small, looking like a vit-E tab. We carry either 12.5mg per gel-tab or 25mg per gel-tab.  

  •  CBD Infused Bath Soak


Relax, sooth and comfort your tired/overworked, aching muscles and stressors from your busy day by soaking in a luxurious Blend of Epsom Salts, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dead Sea Salts and pure 99% cannabidiol (CBD). This therapeutic formula not only relaxes your body and mind, but also helps to release harmful toxins while softening your skin with added organic olive oil.  Our bath salts are made with organic essential Lavender oil, are 3rd party lab tested and contain no preservatives

  •  CBD Foot/Hand Soak


Tired sore feet? After a long day of working on your feet, there is nothing better than a medicated foot soak containing natural ingredients that can help increase circulation, ease of muscle cramps and local pain all while flushing toxins and heavy metals from your skin cells. This formula contains, not only CBD but soda bicarbonate which has been known to kill fungus and relieve itchiness associated with athletes foot. Foot soak can also relieve discomfort from ingrown toenails and soothes the skin.

  •  CBD Topical Balm


Our CBD Balm is, well as some of our customers would say, “it’s the BOMB”, This product is intended for topical use, sore muscles, aches and pains, dermatitis, age spots, some headaches, athletes foot, plantar Fasciitis, localized inflammation and more. With the exception of psoriasis or athletes’ foot (which needs daily application) the Balm, if it’s going to work on a specific ailment will offer relief within 3 minutes and last a few hours.

  •  CBD Gummies


Our CBD gummies are a fun easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily regime. Gummies contain delicious natural flavors, are 100% THC-free, and are suitable for vegans. All that flavor with wellness benefits! 



For those looking for the strongest and most concentrated form of broad spectrum Cannabidiol.  This product is sold in either a syringe or glass jar. Pure Extract Oil may be taken sublingually (under tongue) for fastest results or added to foods/beverages or use for as a base in salves/lotions/body care products. Many inhale Pure Extract Oils directly by vape or dab. ( broad or full spectrum means that the CBD Oil has retained many other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, many feel a full spectrum offers better healing powers due to this entourage ( all working together) effect.




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